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January 23, 2018


Cape Town South Africa, is experiencing the worst drought the city has ever had. In fact, it’s been over a hundred years since a drought of this magnitude plagued the city. With dam levels dropping to an ultimate low, many visitors planning a trip to Cape Town are growing anxious, around how this issue will impact them and how they can contribute to conserving water.

Cape Town has always been a popular spot for vacationers, especially in the Summer. With its luxurious beaches and world-renowned restaurant and hotels, it’s hard to stay away from one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Should you stay clear of Cape Town? Not at all! You can still enjoy all the luxury Cape Town has to offer, in a responsible eco friendly way. Many businesses have not only increased the non-essential water use awareness, but have implemented significant measures to reduced their consumption in total. This includes having regular, water audits, purchasing water efficient equipment and reducing landscape water usage.


As a tourist, you can also save water like a local.

Here’s how:
* Try and book your accommodation with eco-friendly lodges/hotels.
Eco-friendly accommodation does not mean you will forfeit luxury lodging. It just means that you will be staying in an environmentally conscience facility. Things like a low-consumption shower head will be used.

* Try swimming in a tidal pool or the ocean, instead of a regular pool. Swimming in regular pools, means that the facility will have to refill the pool at some stage. You can avoid all this by taking a dip in tidal pool nearby or going to the beach. This will eliminate water waste.

* Avoid requesting clean towels or linens daily by using the towel and linen given to you for at least 2-3 days. This way you can assist the facility you’re lodging at to save water in the laundry department.

* Take a short shower instead of a bath. There are really cool 2 minute shower songs you can use as a timer when bathing. Taking a shower can save gallons of water. Opt for this instead.


* Carry  hand sanitizer with you to disinfect your hands instead of using soap and water.

If you’re still confused about how much water you’re using while visiting Cape Town, use this cool calculator to make sure you’re being "water wise".

As travelers we should always be mindful and take responsibility for our part in helping to conserve water throughout the world.



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