I'm back!

August 10, 2019


 Hi everyone


I know that I have been gone for a few months, but a lot has happened since my last blog post. As you may have noticed, this page is now a page for the non-profit  that I have started to help the communities on the Cape flats in South Africa where I was raised.


I am in the process of getting 501 (c) (3) status for The Worth Foundation. For now the name of the website will stay the same and I will have to look at converting the name at a later date when funds become available. So far I have done everything on my own, including building this site. 


As soon as I receive the EIN for The Worth Foundation, I will be able to open a bank account and start receiving financial donations.

We need a few things to start off the foundation, like a new laptop, an official phone number and of course lots of donations to help clothe children on the Cape flats for the school year.


For now I will write a little bit every day.. It might be about the foundation, and it might be about my personal life or struggles while working on establishing this literal and figurative Foundation.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me throughout the past few years while doing this. My message to you is to always follow your dreams. It might take you years to accomplish it, but with drive and determination you can do whatever you set your mind to.



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