5 Things I Love About Mitchell's Plain

December 1, 2018


There are many reasons to fall in love with Cape Town. It is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa and home to beautiful Table Mountain,the Seventh Wonder of the World, but there are a few things you need to experience when visiting  my home town of Mitchell's Plain in Cape Town, South Africa. These are my favorite top 5.

1. The People


Did you know that colored people (Yes, that is what we are called) are the most genetically diverse group of people in the world?

  Travelling to Cape Town should be no ordinary experience, especially if you’re travelling to the Cape Flats, where the real Cape colored culture manifests. Hospitality and community culture thrives in these areas. Borrowing a cup of sugar or an egg is common between neighbors. Muslims and Christians live in harmony with each other.






2. The Cape Malay Cooking


 Sunday mornings are for Koeksisters and coffee.

 Koeksisters are a soft donut, glazed in syrup and coconut. It is considered a specialty in the colored community, especially on Sunday mornings. The curry, is an absolute necessity at either a wedding, birthday or a funeral. There is always that one aunt in the family who was blessed with the ‘curry hand’. With this comes the mandatory ‘barakat’(takeaway) for those at home who weren’t able to attend the event.



3. The Notorious Great Gatsby


If you’re looking for an authentic home-grown colored experience, any Cape colored will be able to introduce you to the notorious great gatsby. Ditch your knife and fork and dig in! This dish is often enjoyed close to the weekend or on weekends, as a reward for a week of hard work, or rather it is seen as such. It is a baguette filled with french fries(or chips as we call it in South Africa) and "polony"(bologna) or you can get one with fries and mutton curry(my favorite) 

4. The Talent
Every colored living in “the Plain” can tell you a tale or two that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. The area is close to the coast, and often people who live closer to the beach, take their whole family on a “Surf Walk” to the nearest beach. The Plain is rich in talent too. Athol Williams, the world-renowned poet and business leader, Nizaam Carr, the South African Rugby Union footballer, Tanya Nefdt, entertainment reporter for Enews South Africa and Devon Petersen, the most successful South African darts player, just to mention a few, are all from Mitchells Plain.

5. The Afrikaans language
“Kaaps” is indigenous to the Cape Colored Culture. Although variants of it floats around Cape Town. If you really want to witness it in action, your best bet is Mitchell's Plain. Kaaps is a mixture of English and Afrikaans in the most hilarious, effective and impactful way. You can be cool, but if you are “kwaai”, that's way better. You could greet someone politely and say hi!. But if you say awê(ah-whe), you’ll really make that person feel right at home!

If you have any more cool things you would like to add to this list, let me know in the comments section below:

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