2018: The Year of Travel

The world is indeed a beautiful place, but putting this out there in the universe, does little to guarantee the physical experience of it. The idea of travel, is often assumed to be an activity, reserved for the wealthy and resourceful, and just another pipe dream for those who are restricted by circumstance.




What if I told you that this is exactly what travel IS NOT.

I grew up in abject poverty, to say the very least. Growing up, the idea of being transported to some other reality was exhilarating. I use to bottle up the memory of planes flying over the roof of our home, and envisioned myself stepping onto an actual plane someday myself. Travel became a dream that quickly progressed into a goal of mine. I was just an ordinary girl, with big dreams, living in South Africa.


Today, I am a ‘California girl’. I’ve travelled across South Africa, been to Vietnam, and this year I plan on travelling a whole lot more. Traveling by plane, the very first time, I was almost nostalgic. I’m sure we can all relate to that feeling of utopia, when the very thing you have envisioned for so long, becomes not only ‘a reality’, but YOUR REALITY.


Dreams are a great start, but you have to go further and put it into action. Impossible? No! Although we don’t all grow up in conditions that are perfect to incubate our dreams, we can create those conditions for ourselves.


If you’re dreaming about London, or the Seychelles, start that prep today! Write down those goals! Open that savings account! Get that travel bag ready! 


It’s a new year, with a world of possibilities….

You might just come back with a renewed sense of purpose!

Go out there and win! 

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