The Elephant Park in Knysna.

April 10, 2017

We drove to Knysna, which is about 5 hours outside of Cape Town. It was a beautiful day and there was very little traffic. 

We arrived at the cottage around 8:30 at night. The office was closed and we had to get the keys to the cottage out of the lock box in front of the office. Good thing I called ahead to let them know about our late arrival because there is a code to get into the lock box. The place is called "Brenton on sea cottages". It is like a resort and a hotel is also built on the same property.  


The staff cleans the cottage every morning and we also get clean towels. It is self catering, so we have to either cook or go to a restaurant for meals. It was $91 per night and the cottage sleeps 6. 


The Knysna Elephant sanctuary is a place where orphaned elephants or those rejected by their mother are kept safe. Admission costs around $25. Fruit and veg baskets are available for purchase. 


The elephants are kept in a huge covered area at night to protect them from poachers.



After we see the elephant's sleeping quarters we are transported on a truck to the are where the elephants graze throughout the day. When they hear the truck engine they start lining up in the feeding area. 

Most of the elephants are easy to interact with. There was only one of them who is known as the bully, and won't allow you to take any close up photos. They truly are gentle giants and the surprising thing is that their skin is soft. 


Here is a link to a video of my experience at the park.  

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