Where in the world?

August 6, 2016


Finding your path in life can at times be difficult. Traveling is the one thing that keeps me sane and satisfied. So when I talk about travel, people have often commented on the pure excitement and passion I have for it. 

I work in retail management and when associates ask me about my travels, I'm more than happy to share my stories. 


I think the biggest thing that hold people back is the thought that they cannot afford to travel. All my travel money is money I have saved and I also use my (points)credit card. It baffles me that people can go to Vegas 3-5 times a year but complain that they have no money to travel internationally. Maybe go to Vegas once a year, and take an international trip with the other "Vegas" money? Hold off on the designer bag sale.. That's your airfare to Cabo girl!!




Two co-workers have told me that I have inspired them to take a trip somewhere and they have actually gone as far as booking their trip. One of them is going to Florida and the other one is traveling to Greece. This news inspires me to travel even more! 




The next time you go splurge on something because you "deserve it", think about where in the world you could be for that amount of money.






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