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April 27, 2016



I have always loved to travel even when I didn't have a lot of money, a trip to the mall was exciting to me. Lol!


I was born in South Africa and my love for travel started at the age of 6. The shack we lived in would flood in the Winter and we moved in with my Grandma during that time. I took a public bus to school and the trip was about 45 min. I loved watching the people on the bus and trying to figure out why they were getting off at a particular stop, and where they were going.. I know that's weird for a 6 year old to think.


The other way my interest in travel grew was at church when the pastor and his wife talked about their kids who lived in Canada. It all sounded very exciting because it seemed like they had good lives. There was a missionary worker from the church who lived in France... and so I would daydream about living in France. 


A lot has happened over the years and I now live in California. I love my life here and I travel when I can. About a year ago someone told me
I should start a blog because my travels to South Africa sounds so interesting. Knowing nothing about blogging and very little about starting my own business, I embarked on this journey to try and document my travels.  I will be traveling to countries other than South Africa, but like I said, I have to save for every trip. I have a very long bucket list.


 I'm still not sure what I'm doing by blogging and sharing my travels, but I hope it inspires someone.  I learn as I go and I'm okay with that.


If you have any travel related questions, you can email me here. sharon@worthtravels.com.




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